BiblioFiles #65: Gravity and Grace


In this episode the CenterForLit crew discuss a Simone Weil quotation that recently caught their eye and tease out some of its implications, making connections to Flannery O’Connor, education, and modernism.

“All the natural movements of the soul are controlled by laws analogous to those of physical gravity. Grace is the only exception...Grace fills empty spaces, but it can only enter where there is a void to receive it, and it is grace itself which makes this void...The imagination is continually at work filling up all the fissures through which grace might pass...We must continually suspend the work of the imagination filling the void within ourselves.” - Simone Weil

Referenced Works:

Gravity and Grace by Simone Weil

King Lear by William Shakespeare

Heidi by Johanna Spyri

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