The Hovel is a CenterForLit online publication introduced in 2016 for the purpose of mediating literature's continued relevance to the common human condition in a way that will challenge and ultimately encourage its readers with the need and hope for grace in a fallen world. 

The Western literary tradition offers a community of sinners and sufferers that both enlarges the reader's experience so that he may see compassionately with the eyes of others while also holding up a mirror to his own needy creaturehood. Furthermore, as a result of its narrative structure, this community is accessible to all readers regardless of their educational background or literary experience. 

The Hovel aims to act as a gateway to this community by facilitating conversation about literature's great ideas, literary education, and the reading experience in a casual and empathetic tone. 



We are now accepting articles 800 - 1500 words in length. Please first read in our blog to get an idea of the content we curate. The subject of the piece should consider concrete, daily experience in light of universal themes and examples from literature or other artistic story-forms, and should be human and conversational in tone.   

Essays can be submitted by email to e.andrews@centerforlit.com. Although we carefully consider each piece received, due to limited staff and time we cannot publish or return comments to all submissions. Please do not send previously published material.  

At this time we do not pay for published work, but will give credit to the author and promote any business or endeavors they may wish to highlight.