If you are a headmaster, principal, or homeschooling co-op leader, CenterForLit team members are available to conduct live teacher-training seminars on the Teaching the Classics method. We have found that although many teachers have earned their Literature degrees at the collegiate and Masters level, and have a complete mastery of their subject, the majority still struggle with practical application in the everyday classroom. Our one or two day seminars will leave teachers feeling equipped and inspired, and they will be able to comfortably guide their students through all levels of literary analysis using Socratic discussion techniques. This program is appropriate for K-12 teachers and is especially useful for schools with a classical emphasis or Great Books approach. 

To schedule a teacher training event at your school, please contact the Center for Literary Education at 509-738-2837 or by email at adam@centerforlit.com.



Day 1– $2000 and traveling expenses                                                                                                                                                       
A combination of lectures, guided discussions and demonstrations introduce context, style, structure (plot and conflict), the Center for Lit story chart, Socratic discussion techniques and the Center for Lit Socratic list.  Each teacher receives a 120-page teacher manual.  The school receives two copies of Teaching the Classics: A Socratic Method for Literary Education DVD set. The fee includes training for up to 10 teachers.  Additional teachers are welcome at $30 each.  Travel expenses are paid by the school. 


 Day 2 – $2000 and traveling expenses
A review and expansion of the topics covered in Day 1 of the seminar is followed by additional training on structure (setting and characterization), thematic analysis, scope and sequence development, classroom implementation and teaching writing from literature.  Teachers should bring their manuals from Day 1.  Travel expenses are paid by the school.