March 26 | 5:00 PST | $15


I love the Bard.

I have a Billy Shakes Christmas ornament that always hangs front and center on my tree. My car is named "Benedick." I have a cactus named "Falstaff." I'm even trying to convince my husband to name our new house "Eastcheap." It's a little out of control.

But I haven't actually read nearly as much of Shakespeare as I would like. Every year I tell myself that I will dedicate more time to reading and thinking about his plays and poetry, yet every year it inevitably gets pushed to the side in the face of day to day demands.

I need your help! 

This year, with the support of my co-workers at CenterForLit, I am launching the Shakespeare Symposium, a club for Shakespeare lovers (and want-to-be Shakespeare lovers) who would like to sit around and delight in the great English playwright's rich words, intricate characters, and powerful themes - no prior experience or know-how necessary.

The idea of connecting with other people who share a love of his work fills me with joy and excitement, and I think that will be just the kind accountability I need to stick to my Shakespearian resolution - maybe you feel the same? 

I truly believe that Shakespeare wrote for every man and woman, and that his plays hold something meaningful for those in any walk of life. Any and all are welcome. This will be a no pressure atmosphere.

The Shakespeare Symposium will meet for an hour and a half monthly, always in the evening so that we can catch each other after the hustle and bustle of the school day. Coming once does not commit you to all meetings. We'll be delighted to have you whenever you can come. There will be a $15 entry fee to every meeting to help support the running and growth of the club.

Each month we will either:

  1. Work through one of Shakespeare's plays, looking for threads of meaning which will enliven our experience of his work.
  2. Study a particular aspect of the Bard's legacy, such as his poetics, the authorship question, his life and times, or modern interpretations.
  3. Invite a guest to share their insights on Shakespeare with us.


The Tempest

If I were pressed into deciding which Shakespeare play is my favorite, I think I'd have to go with this one. People are often shocked when I say that because The Tempest is wild. Shipwrecks, odd spiritual beings, magic, unlikely romance - it's all over the place to be sure. However, written at the end of his career, this may be Shakespeare's most self-reflective play as he looks back on his craft and his role as poet-creator. We'll discuss the nature of art, man as creator, and (my personal favorite) book drowning.

Thus far we've discussed a tragedy and a comedy - it's time for a romance! These are also often called his "problematic comedies." To join us, grab a copy of The Tempest and make sure you read it by March 26th 5:00 pm PST / 8:00 pm EST. You can grab your seat by following the link below. Recordings will be available, but only to those who register ahead of time. The registration deadline is 12pm PST March 26th. I hope to see you there!


Emily Andrews

After registration you can expect to receive: 

1. An email with discussion questions to ponder over a week or so out from the meeting.

2. You will be invited to join our private Facebook group if you are not already in. (You stay in whether or not you are able to come to our next meeting!)

3. By 12:00 pm PST you will receive a link in your email that will give you access to the webinar.

4. The day after the live meeting you will receive the recording in your inbox. 




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