May 21 | $15 | 5:00 PST

Join the Shakespeare Symposium as Missy Andrews guides us through a discussion of Shakespeare's Sonnets. We'll be looking at his thematic ideas, as well as the poetic forms and structure he used to give greater meaning and depth to his work. The principles we'll learn will not only be applicable to the rest of Shakespeare's corpus, but will help in understanding other poetry as well!

To prepare, grab a copy of the complete sonnets and read them before the meeting. You can claim your seat by following the link below. Recordings will be available, but only to those who register ahead of time. The registration deadline is 12pm PST May 21st. Hope to see you there!

After registration you can expect to receive: 

1. An email with discussion questions to ponder over a week or so out from the meeting.

2. By 12:00 pm PST the day of the discussion you will receive a link in your email that will give you access to the webinar.

3. The day after the live meeting you will receive the recording in your inbox. 



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