Pride and Prejudice Map

This is a pretty poorly constructed website, but it has the best information of the different locations in Pride and Prejudice, including a list of the real places Austen refers to against a list of the places she made up. If you scroll down there is a "Go to Map" option. This will show all of the places in context with greater England. 

Rules of Etiquette in Regency Era England

"I am no longer surprised at your knowing only six accomplished women. I rather wonder know at your knowing any." 



Ballroom etiquette

No wonder Mr. Darcy had a hard time giving a good impression at balls...this list of rules for the ballroom is taken from "How to Behave" by Samuel R. Wells, published in 1887. Although taken from a later period than our novel, these rules would have applied then as well. 


Summary of the French Revolution

A brief history of the French Revolution, which would have been taking place as Jane Austen drafted "First Impressions" around 1796. For more information on the ideas and events surrounding the French Revolution, we would recommend the third season of Mike Duncan's "Revolutions" podcast.



Historical context of Pride and Prejudice

A decent summary of the political and cultural factors relevant to Pride and Prejudice. Her evaluation of Elizabeth's character is more faultless and righteous than we would argue for, but the social structure of the time is certainly important to the story.