Jane Austen's Themes

The School of Life's analysis of Jane Austen's major themes, primarily as they appear in Pride and Prejudice.



"On Pride and Prejudice" by Dorothy Van Ghent

Van Ghent's 1953 essay on the language of trade and materialism in Pride and Prejudice that we mentioned in class. 




"Pride and Prejudice: The reconstitution of Society" by Alistair Duckworth

A 1971 essay by Alistair Duckworth on the limited perspectives of Lizzy and Darcy in Pride and Prejudice. 



"Perception and Pride and Prejudice" by Susan Morgan

A 1980 essay by Susan Morgan, critiquing some of Duckworth's ideas and digging further into the faulty perspectives of Lizzy and Darcy while arguing for a similarity in their defects instead of a difference.