BiblioFiles Episode #23: An Interview with Author S.D. Smith

S.D. Smith is a very busy man these days, and we were honored that he took the time to come to the BiblioFiles table to discuss his work with us! Author of the Green Ember series, Sam talks to us about the desire that motivates him to write and the difficulty of crafting children's literature that tells the truth about the world in a nurturing way. 

He also generously offered to give away a complete set of his work, personally inscribed to one of our BiblioFiles listeners! Follow the link below for details:

S.D. Smith Giveaway:

Referenced Works:

Story Warren Website

S.D. Smith's Website

S.D. Smith Officie Facebook Page

– S.D. Smith Twitter Handle

The Chronicles of NarniaThe Abolition of Man, and Letters to Children by C.S. Lewis


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