K-3 Deluxe Curriculum Bundle

Looking for additional resources and ongoing support? We've got you covered.

Choose the DELUXE version of our K-3 Curriculum Bundle to add a Pelican Society membership to your order. You’ll receive the Pelican product discount immediately, along with access to all of our member resources, including:

  • A brand new Teacher Guide very six weeks
  • Our complete Quick Card library
  • Our complete Audio Book library
  • Teacher training videos and live workshops
  • Book club meetings and author interviews
  • Discounts on all curriculum materials and online academy tuition
  • Membership in the Pelican Forum, our discussion board for parents and teachers

The K-3 Deluxe Curriculum Bundle includes the following items and discounts:

Item Description Amount
TCDVD PRE-ORDER: Teaching the Classics seminar package (ships on March 14, 2017) $99.00
RRM Reading Roadmaps $39.00
RR1 Ready Readers: Children's Literature, volume 1 $29.00
  15% Bundle Discount -$25.05
  10% Pelican Society Discount -$14.20
PSM Pelican Society Monthly Membership (recurring) $9.00
  Total $136.75

Pelican Society membership dues will be charged once per month until you cancel. You will receive your Member ID and password via email within 48 hours. For more information about the Pelican Society, click here.

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