Do you know the best time to begin reading great books?  Right now! Regardless of the age of the student or the reading level of the story, the same principles of good reading apply.  What’s more, some of the very best stories ever told were written for children! Students in our elementary classes will learn basic principles of good reading and then apply them to a hand-picked selection of uplifting, inspiring stories.  Not only will they love the experience in the moment, but they’ll be acquiring skills that will last a lifetime.   

CenterForLit  instructors use the Socratic method to conduct online discussions of classic books.  This method involves asking questions that force them to think carefully about their reading, and then to think carefully about their thinking.  Using the author's theme as the goal of the discussion, instructors encourage students to understand his message by discussing the structural and stylistic components make up his story.  Next, students are drawn by further questioning to critically examine their own assumptions about the author's theme.  As a result, students gain a deeper understanding of the book, and also of themselves as readers and thinkers. 

An optional writing section prepares young students for entry into the Junior High level writing course by focusing on the fundamentals of English composition, from vocabulary and sentence structure to expository and persuasive paragraph writing.

Course Details: 

  • Instructors: Adam and Missy Andrews.
  • Schedule: Monthly 90-minute discussions with optional weekly writing classes.  Two sections of this course are available (see full schedule and titles below).
  • Times: 90-minute discussions are held at 10:00AM Pacific Time (1:00PM Eastern)
  • Technology: GoToWebinar conferencing service (included in tuition) provides screen sharing and live audio with chat.  Students raise hands to participate aloud, or chat privately with instructors.
  • Recordings: High quality audio recordings of each class (with discussion notes in PDF format) allow students to participate at their own pace if desired. Students will receive an email invitation to join our ShareFile database, where they have access to recordings and notes from each discussion.
  • Grades and Credits:  Writing students receive regular report cards with suggestions for improvement.  All students receive a certificate of completion/attendance upon request.      
  • Tuition: $199 for the second semester of the Socratic discussion class; an additional $200 for the second semester with the optional writing class.

Optional Writing Section:

  • Availability:  Open to students enrolled in the discussion course.
  • Instructor: Megan Andrews
  • Tutor: Megan Andrews
  • Schedule:  Weekly 45-minute classes on Tuesdays at 8:00AM Pacific time (11:00AM Eastern)
  • Assignments:  19 weekly assignments addressing the fundamentals of English composition, beginning with vocabulary-level activities, proceeding to sentence structure and syntax, and concluding with paragraph-length compositions. Students submit assignments via the ShareFile database and receive line-by-line comments and grades according to a pre-determined schedule.
  • Recordings:  All classes are recorded and available in the ShareFile database to allow asynchronous participation; however, assignment due dates are not flexible. 
  • Grading:  Each assignment is evaluated against a printed standard and areas for improvement are outlined.  Periodic report cards summarize progress.
  • Teacher access:  In addition to live classes, instructors and tutors are available via email to answer specific questions.


Discussion Schedule:

Two sections of our Elementary Lit discussion class are available.  All classes meet at 10:00AM Pacific time (1:00PM Eastern).


Writing Class Schedule:

Our optional Elementary writing class is available to students enrolled in the Socratic discussion course.  The dates below apply to students in both Sections (A and B).  All writing classes meet at 8:00AM Pacific time (11:00AM Eastern).


Upon enrollment, you will download a registration packet with complete instructions
for joining each online discussion and participating in the Conversation Board.
If you would like more information, you can call our office any time at (509) 738-2837.

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We appreciate the responsibility involved in choosing curriculum materials for your students, and we ask you to make this decision carefully. If your plans change and your student must withdraw from a class, CenterForLit can transfer your registration to a different class or to a future term; however, THERE ARE NO REFUNDS FOR ONLINE CLASS REGISTRATIONS.