John Adams on Education

A short clip from a John Adams bio-pic that includes a famous quotation from Adams on the place of culture and education in wartime.


Ted-Ed Boston tea party

A brief accounting of the reasons and events leading up to the Boston Tea Party of 1773.


Gary Schmidt Introduction 

In case your copy of Johnny Tremain does not have this fabulous introduction by Newberry Medal-winner Gary D. Schmidt.

Matterhorn Obsession

The Citadel mountain in Banner in the Sky is meant to resemble the Matterhorn, a real mountain in the Alps. This brief documentary of a climber's experience on the Matterhorn provides prospective on the kind of physical exertion Rudi faces in the novel.

Glossary of climbing terms

This list of mountain climbing terms may help you understand some of the topographical descriptions and equipment used in Banner in the Sky.

[All dates listed in Pacific Standard Time.]

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                                          Download a blank story chart.