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Ready Readers

Each volume in the Ready Readers series provides complete discussion notes for a collection of classic stories, including questions from the Socratic List on all major structural and stylistic elements:  Conflict, Plot, Characters, Setting, Theme, Context and Literary Devices. Each question is answered in full with references to the text. Ready Readers also provides completed story charts and a short author biography for each title. 

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Ready Readers: High School Literature, Vol. 1

The fourth Ready Readers’ cover design displays the beautiful artwork of J. Renee Illustration. Jessica Johnson took her inspiration from the pages of The Great Divorce, and just as the brilliant little, red tour bus stands out as something solid and real in Lewis' ghostly world, we believe Socratic discussions such as those demonstrated in this book's pages will bring upper level students face-to-face with ideas that will clothe them in Solid Flesh.

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Ready Readers: The Chronicles of Narnia

C. S. Lewis's The Chronicles of Narnia remain among the world’s most treasured books for readers young and old.  Now you can lead great discussions of these classics with ease.  Designed for use with the Teaching the Classics program, Ready Readers: The Chronicles of Narnia deals with each story separately, providing you with 7 ready-to-teach lessons in reading comprehension or literary analysis.

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