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Nightlights and Night Watches: The Unifying Experience of Literature

Two in the morning just might be the loneliest time. The house lies still; only my thoughts run.  Lists of what I have done and what I must do alternately congratulate and accuse me, while instant replays of the previous day’s conversations play on my mind’s screen. Soon enough, I flee my bed for the solace of my living room chair. Here I sit in a pool of light with only Marilynne Robinson for company, and one could do worse to chase away night demons... 

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The Wind in the Willows and the Wonder of the Everyday

A dear friend and former teacher of mine* recently wrote of Kenneth Grahame’s The Wind in the Willows, “If ever there was a children’s book written for adults, it is this one.” I whole heartedly agree, and not only because of the stunning beauty of Grahame’s prose.  By way of explanation, I’d like to share a passage from Grahame’s story that, I think, aims right at the heart of his project.

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