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Sculpture and Sabbath in Jeremiah

Making Jeremiah the prophet relevant to modern day high school students is a neat trick, and I’d like to have a long talk with the teacher who can pull it off.  The problem is Jeremiah’s preoccupation with idolatry, the crafting and worshiping of wooden statues. The entire prophecy is a diatribe against this practice, and since few of my students are pagan sculptors, they have a hard time relating...

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A Homeschooling Mom's New Year's Resolution: Part 2

Is it possible that even our deficiencies as a homeschoolers are part of God’s gift to our children? I don’t know about you, but my kids are turning out a lot like me– not that they’re carbon copies, but there are, say, family resemblances.  Realistically speaking, my kids are sinners, and no amount of spit and polish, no quantity of education will change that...

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