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Of Lists and Laws: Busy Lives and Back-to-School Plans

August is upon us, and if you’re anything like me, in addition to the sunshine and heat, it brings with it a crushing realization that the long list of summer to-dos that we penned with great hope in late May is not going to be accomplished.  Mine sits before me, a glaring accusation... 

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Picture Books...for High Schoolers?

If you are already thinking about the reading list you will assign to your students next fall, congratulations– you are way ahead of Missy and me! But let me offer one piece of advice as you assemble your curriculum: Assign children's picture storybooks to all of your students in the first few weeks of the school year. 

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Christian Books and Christian Reading

If you have never read Jack London's 1908 story "To Build a Fire," you should put it on your winter reading list. This harrowing description of a man's struggle for survival in the sub-zero temperatures of the Yukon Territory will make this season's coldest day seem balmy by comparison. 

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